Tamil sex story | son sex with..

I was mentally prepared to have sex. But I never thought I would

regret it. All my friends look at me as someone who is strong, who

takes the right decisions in life and would never screw up. I never

told anyone I regretted losing my virginity. I was 19 when it

happened. I had never been interested in boys and had been a tom-boy

throughout my life. Although I did have a few crushes here and there,

I had never had a real relationship.

I moved to another country to finish my college education. I was

living with friends and having the best time of my life. I met HIM

through a friend when we were all out partying one night. I started

talking to him and realised we had a lot in common. We moved away from

my friends and started talking when he started kissing me. I was a bit

drunk by then and did nothing to stop him. We kissed for a while till

my friends, who had panicked that they couldn't find me anywhere,

called. I left with my friends that day and didn't even say goodbye to

him. I was too ashamed I had let a complete stranger kiss me. But when

I went home I realsied I actually liked him.

We met again the next night. I said sorry for leaving without telling

him. Soon we started talking and eventually kissing. Again, I left

without telling him. This time I never met him again. We kept in touch

through e-mails and talked online quite often. Then he started calling

me and we used to speak everyday. I quite enjoyed talking to him and

thought this was actually leading somewhere. He never told me he liked

me or that he wanted this to go any further. But I was slowly

believing we had something going on.

It was my friend's birthday and all our friends had come down for a

big party weekend. He had come too, but I didn't know he was coming

and it was a big surprise for me. We went to my room and made out for

sometime. After we came back from the party, I was mentally prepared

to go all the way with him. We went back to my room and starting

making out. Soon the clothes came off and before I knew it he started

fingering me. I didn't even tell him I was a virgin!

But he realised soon and asked me a couple of times if I wanted to go

further. I said yes assertively because it had been running in my head

and I wanted to get over with it that night. I also thought it was

very sweet of him to surprise me by coming all this way to meet me. It

did hurt quite a bit and I bled for some hours. He was gone the next

day. I didn't realise the consequences of what I had done until the

next day.

Once he left, He didn't contact me anymore, never talked online. We

spoke a couple of times and he behaved very strange. I was hurt and

didn't understand his behaviour. We stopped talking altogether and I

felt ashamed and disgusted with myself. I felt used and was so angry

that a guy had succeeded in fooling me and misusing my trust.

I am now in a serious relationship with someone. He loves me a lot and

we did have sex a few times. But it felt so different this time and I

felt so loved! I do regret losing my virginity to someone I barely

knew and wish I had waited. I know I will have to live with this

regret forever. A piece of advice: don't do something under pressure

or without your full consent. It pays to wait and lose your virginity

to someone who loves and cares for you. I would know!!!

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