Tamil and English sex Story

Heather and Amy make an early start

Heather was woken up early this particular morning as a familiar

buzzing noise broke into her slumbers.

Smiling she looked at the clock and noticed the time, 3:30 am. she

turned over to face her partner, Amy. Amy had her eyes closed and was

working her clit with a vibrator, it was the steady humming that had

wokxe Heather. Amy seemed lost in her own world of pleasure Heather

thought to herself how sexy Amy looked, invoulentarily Heather sat up

slightly so and kissed her.

"Baby, I didn't mean to wake you. Amy whispered I was trying to be as

quiet as possible,"

"Its ok. I am glad I did wake up, now I can help you out," Heather

replied to her as she took the vibrator from her and turned it off.

Heather then straddled her partner and started kissing, moving her

mouth down Amy's smooth neck and started to bite it softly.

Amy was so beautiful, about 5'7", long blonde hair, and piercing hazel

eyes. She had average sized breasts with big pink nipples that always

seemed to be hard. Her waist was tiny, and her legs were long. She had

the perfect heart shaped ass. Heather would get wet just thinking

about her body.

"Oh, Heather, that feels so good," Amy moaned.

"Why didn't you just wake me?" she replied.

"You looked so beautiful sleeping and it seemed a shame to wake you"

Amy replied grabbing Heather by the hips and flipping her over so that

she was now on top of her.

They started to make out again. Amy moved her lips down to Heathers

left nipple and started sucking and lightly nibbling on it.

"You are so sexy," She muttered as she continued to tease her rock hard nipples.

Heather had shoulder length black hair, deep brown eyes, and the

tiniest of breasts with small dark brown nipples, one of which was

pierced. she a slim toned flat stomach and a hard firm bum had an

average waist and a nice round ass.Her legs were long and slim.

Bathtime Treat

Zoe picked up the smooth, rounded bar of almond - scented soap,

bringing it close to her nose. She inhaled its wonderful fragrance and

sighed. Baths were always so enjoyable! Turning the soap on its edge,

she began to rub it across her wet, waiting nipples. Round and round

she teased, enjoying how it made her so stiff and swollen below. She

dropped the bar and began caressing and kneading her breasts, feeling

the exact responses she wanted. Nipples, tight and extended now,

pointed their way to the sensations she was craving. This was going to

be tremendous!

Zoe closed her eyes, remembering the previous evening of fun she had

had with her husband, Jonathan, and her luscious and willing friend,

Sarah. What a wonderful pre-birthday treat that had been! She had

arranged for Sarah to join them at a key moment in their lovemaking -

sort of a present for both of them. Jonathan hadn't even had a clue!

All three of their hot bodies in loving embrace was more exciting than

Zoe had imagined it would be. Their sizzling encounter had accentuated

all of their orgasms that night.

Zoe was amazed that just by thinking of it she could feel herself

becoming wetter below than the water around her. Her hands, once

again, found their way to her soft breasts and began to pinch and

twirl the tips. She slowly began her quest for relief, inching bit by

bit down into the water, her clit straining upwards to meet her long


Suddenly a loud thud came from downstairs, making her jump, her hips

rising out of the bath water. "Shit - what was that?" she thought,

"Probably just something fell over."

Since all became quiet again, her thoughts returned to the task at

hand. As she felt her soft vaginal folds peeking out from the warm,

sudsy tub. She lifted her mound out of the water once more, feeling an

incredible sensation of velvety waves lapping gently at her lips. This

was getting interesting. The water caressed her sensitive skin ever so

seductively. Even the "blurpp" noise the water made as she re-entered

had a sensual quality to it. She tried it a few more times - then a

few more.

Her mind began to search for even more imaginative and playful ideas.

Then it came to her. She raised herself up and got down on all fours

in the tub, facing the faucet. Looking into the shiny stainless steel

overflow plate, she saw her naked reflection staring back, don't you

look just like a siren," she thought, admiring her long, shiny,

dripping hair and bare body. In this position, her ass was mostly out

of the water. She slowly lowered her backside into the warm soapy

depths. Then she raised it once more. "This feels so wonderful," she

told herself - even better than she thought it would be. The waves of

bath water began a soft, steady teasing of her entire bottom as she

raised and lowered herself into the wetness. She could feel it, like a

warm tongue, from the crack of her ass to the front of her clit - over

and over. This was becoming so arousing she decided to take her

playtime to the bedroom. Zoe climbed out of the tub and threw a clean

tee shirt over her wet body, took an admiring glance at herself in the

mirror noting how her dark nipples showed through the wet fabric.

She bent down to grab a small towel from the cabinet when two hard,

strong hands grabbed her from behind, around the waist, pinning her

arms to her chest. All she could see in the mirror was a black-clothed

figure in a ski mask, as she was lifted backwards. She struggled and

kicked with her feet, to no avail. Another person, dressed like the

first, grabbed both her legs and helped to carry her, screaming, down

the stairs. She was thrown onto the heavy, wooden chair in the den,

her still-naked bottom making a smacking sound as she came down hard.

One of the two men stuffed something made of cloth into her mouth so

she couldn't scream.

Her heart was pounding in her ears by now, as she wondered if they

intended to harm her. One of the intruders pulled her arms roughly

over the top of the straight-backed chair, threading her hands back

through the opening from behind. He cinched her elbows tightly

together with a coarse, thick rope, forcing her breasts to strain

upwards under her thin, white cotton tee. Her ankles were then pulled

wide, the second man using more rope to secure them to the back chair

legs, so that her nervous, dripping cunt was pried open to the air. A

folded, dark cloth was affixed over her eyes, leaving her exposed and

in total darkness.

"Don't she look good enough to eat?" remarked the first man with an

evil laugh, "Let's just have a little taste."

"Not now, you lecherous bastard," the second one answered, sounding

annoyed. "We can have our fun later. Come on. First we gotta work."

Zoe felt a rough hand drag across the hardened nipples poking through

her damp tee. "I get to you later," she heard the first one say with a


She hoped the musky wetness from her bath-time fun wouldn't serve as a

beacon to these strangers now. Though, for all her fear, she felt

herself getting more turned on. How could this be? She didn't want

these men, did she? The thought of their strong arms and her

helplessness made her shudder. They left her in the den, alone. She

breathed a sigh of relief. At least, for now, she was okay. Her head

was swimming with so many thoughts. Were they here to rob her? What

would they do to her when they came back? She could feel herself

dripping onto the seat of the chair. Would they take all the

valuables? All of her valuables? She had far too many unanswered

questions. Fear mixed with a strange arousal welled up inside her as

she heard them moving in the living room, her arms and legs aching in

their bindings.

Bathtime Treat - page 2

After a short time, she thought she heard a key turning the lock in

the front door. Zoe hoped in her heart it was Jonathan, coming home

from work. One of the men in the living room hollered, "Shit, let's

get out of here!" She heard them run out through the side entrance,

slamming the door as they left.

The front door opened. It was Jonathan! She heard him call to her, but

she couldn't answer. She tried to make some noise with the chair, but

it was tough to move it far, the way she was tied. Eventually, he

found her in the den. He removed the blindfold and gag, asking if she

was all right while placing a tender kiss upon her forehead. She

nodded, meekly, relieved that he was with her now. She watched as he

circled behind the chair to untie her arms.

Instead Jonathan brought his hands around and circled her breasts! He

left her immobile, in the hard chair, and began to squeeze her tits

firmly, making her moan with desire. What she had begun before, he

reignited, his insistent pressure upon her nipples making her tremble.

He came back around and placed tiny wet kisses on her calves, her

knees, her open thighs. He could have her any way he wanted. She could

do nothing. She didn't want to.

She closed her eyes to the sensations, feeling his hot breath

whispering her name across her pussy. Her lips tingled as she felt

Jonathan's probing tongue trace lust-filled lines along her slit. Back

and forth he stroked, causing her to swell and throb for him. God, she

was gushing now, and he hungrily drank all that she had to offer. He

inserted three fingers into her needy entrance, reaching up towards

that perfect place he knew would send her over the edge. All she could

do was helplessly watch as his tongue began its torment of her clit.

He knew she was losing it. Throwing her head back, she drew in her

breath and tried to control the rising tide of explosions erupting

over her. Her scream shook her hard, and she almost tipped the chair.

Catching her breath, she looked down at Jonathan in amazement. "That

was huge." Zoe could barely get the words out. "How did... what?"

"I hired a couple of guys I know from work. I hope you're not too mad

I had them tie you up so roughly," he told her. "I thought it would

add to the effect." He paused for a moment. "I hope I created your

fantasy, love. You always satisfy mine."

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